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Haren Textiles stands as a premier manufacturer of specialty fabrics and operates a fully integrated textile mill, employing world-class technology to produce 100% synthetic fabrics—Polyester and Nylon 6 and 66, both virgin and recycled.

The company has established long-standing relationships with leading global and domestic brands that manufacture in India for the world market.

From weaving to finished dyed and coated fabrics, all production processes are carried out in-house using advanced West German Warp Knitting and Japanese Water Jet Weaving technologies. Customers seeking high-quality specialty textiles consistently choose Haren Textiles over other brands.

Haren Textiles produces fabrics used in a wide range of applications, including athletic sportswear, outdoor wear, footwear, luggage and backpacks, medical PPE, and military gear. These fabrics are featured in leading branded stores across the US and Europe and in various mail-order catalogs. Haren Textiles’ apparel fabrics exceed industry quality standards, offering customers significant advantages and better cutting value for garments and made-ups.

Haren Textiles offers a diverse array of fabrics specific for various end uses, maintaining consistent specifications throughout the manufacturing and supply cycle. The company’s Just-In-Time (JIT) and flexible manufacturing processes provide customers with significant benefits. These advantages are further enhanced through collaboration with Everest Textiles Taiwan.

Haren Textiles holds numerous certifications, including OEKOTEX 100, CE, FDA, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 13485 for medical textiles, and SA8000 for social accountability. The company has been recognized as one of the “Top Ten Most Admired Textile Mills” in its category.


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Our Awards

Team Haren Gratefully Accepts ISRO Award for Its Vital Role in India’s

Space Program – Chandrayaan 3, its Rover and Aditya L1